Vodafone Mobile Broadband Vodafone mobile broadband offers the fastest download speeds in the UK. With its extensive 3G mobile networks that spread across the UK, the provider offers speeds up to 7.2Mbps to its customers who just need a laptop and a USB modem stick to enjoy Vodafone broadband on the move.
Mobile Package
ProviderTitleDownload LimitSpeedMonthly CostDetail
Vodafone free USB modem3GB7.2Mb10.00
Vodafone USB modem3GB7.2Mb5.00
Compaq Presario CQ613GB7.2Mb 12.00
Compaq Presario CQ613GB7.2Mb35.00
Compaq Presario CQ613GB7.2Mb35.00
Netbook with Built-in 3GB7.2Mb25.53
Netbook with Built-in 1GB7.2Mb21.28
Vodafone Broadband3GB7.2Mb35.00
Vodafone Broadband 1GB7.2Mb20.00
Vodafone Broadband1GB7.2Mb20.00
Vodafone free USB 3GB7.2Mb5.00
Vodafone free USB 4GB7.2Mb12.50
Vodafone Mobile 3GB7.2Mb15.00
Vodafone Mobile3GB7.2Mb15.00
Vodafone USB modem 5GB7.2Mb25.00
Vodafone USB modem 5GB7.2Mb25.00
Vodafone USB modem3GB7.2Mb5.00
Vodafone USB modem5GB7.2Mb25.00