T-Mobile are now offering you access to the internet on your laptop at anytime with their mobile broadband packages. This package allows wireless internet access on your laptop and very fast speeds anywhere within a 3G area, and has the benefit of no long contract term. This is a mobile broadband 'only' package, you do not have to switch your calls or line rental. Great if you're a light broadband user that wants to get online anywhere (without being tied to a landline). This package is suitable for web surfing and e-mailing. You can download a music track in under a minute.
Mobile Package
ProviderTitleDownload LimitSpeedMonthly CostDetail
Mobile Broadband Plus+Usb3GB4.5Mb8.51
Pay Monthly 3GB 18 month3GB4.5MB15.00
Pay Monthly 3GB 18 month3GB4.5Mb 10.00
Pay Monthly: Unlimitedunlimited4.5Mb 165.00
T Mobile Broadbandunlimited4.5Mb10.00
T Mobile Broadband2GB4.5Mb0
T Mobile Broadbandunlimited4.5Mb10.00
T Mobile Broadband Plus 3GB4.5Mb10.00
T Mobile Wireless pointer2GB7.2Mb15.00